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Sprinkler Systems are designed for a specific landscape layout. Therefore, if you change your soft or hardscape, you will need to change your Sprinkler System frequently to reflect these changes

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The design of the Sprinkler System is complex. It is also the final stage of a landscape project design. Westminster Sprinkler System Repair offers custom design solutions for complex irrigation problems. If you want to reduce your water bills, we can help you with sprinkler designs that not only saves water but is also aesthetically pleasing.
An efficient and conveniently designed Sprinkler System should take into account the four main components.
The first component is to identify areas with different water requirements. Grass and cultivated areas are a good example, as grass typically requires more water.

Having a weak sprinkler design in which both areas are zoned together results in overwater of one area or underwater of another one. Thus, causing inadequate irrigation.

The third component is more equal to landscape design than watering and operating costs. Sprinkler systems design in Westminster are unique in terms of ease. In many cases, spending a little more on the initial installation can result in huge investment returns. We will often use our water cost software to pre-create scenarios for different landscape designs. It’s like looking at the gas range before you buy the new car.
The second component is the hydraulic design that refers to the size of regions, so they work properly according to the current water volume and pressure. Head types, pipe sizes and a number of regions affect this stage of design. In addition, there is a cost component associated with the number of zones. The higher this number, the more the cost swells to the material contractor.
The last component to consider during the design phase is what the irrigation plan will be. And an adequate set up can be implemented during irrigation restrictions for the water municipality.

This is usually a matter only for commercial and large residential systems, but if this issue applies to you, we can provide you with solutions. The key is to address the problem later, not in the design phase.

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