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If maintaining your lawn sprinklers isn’t your cup of tea, let our professionals have it. We offer sprinkler maintenance services that will keep your garden beautiful throughout the year.

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Sprinkler systems are different from other systems of housing, as it requires more interaction throughout the year. A lot of people don’t realize that the amount of water your landscape needs to be adjusted monthly. As seasons and temperature change, so does the amount of water your landscape needs.

We know that most people want to set up their sprinklers and forget it’s approaching. Though that’s possible with a Wi-Fi controller, however, you may still need regular maintenance for apt performance. With a standard controller, this is still difficult, but with proper maintenance routine, these adjustments can be made with a single button found in all irrigation controllers.

Another interaction area is that the sprinkle controller needs to be reprogrammed. This is necessary when we enter different seasons or run out of water. In addition, the system needs to be examined from time to time in terms of broken heads and leaks.

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Westminster Best Sprinkler Maintenance Service

We offer three levels of service maintenance programs to keep your system running smoothly. All of our maintenance plans have a complete sprinkler system operation, including control, adjustment, and reprogramming of your controller(if necessary). In addition, our sprinkler maintenance packages include discounts on the necessary repairs determined during our visits.

Best Approach

Our custom maintenance programs eliminate your controller’s anti-programming forecasting work when it needs to be reprogrammed.
Our cost analysis will show the savings of your system and what to expect from your water bill.

Our Wi-Fi controllers can eliminate all interactions where the system is actually set up and forget about the system.

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Our customers say they chose us for our reasonable pricing and best in class customer service. In addition to hiring highly qualified technicians with extensive training and undergraduates, we also conduct extensive background checks and drug tests to make you feel safe with any of our experts in your property. In conclusion, we make sure our employees take care of your garden like their own.


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