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If you need a sprinkler system repair in Westminster, you’re in the right place. We serve Westminster and the surrounding area.

Our sprinkler repair technicians can maintain all brands and models of lawn sprinklers and arrive at your property with a fully-stocked service truck.

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Sprinkler systems are mainly composed of all the plastic and motor components that exist in a garden. These components are prone to damage caused by lawnmowers, pedestrian traffic, vehicles, vandalism, root growth, plant growth, new mulch projects, cut wires, and the list continues to include controllers, valves and sensors that malfunction.

Sprinkler systems require inherently high maintenance, which can be true regardless of the age of the system.

Rebuilding a complete sprinkler system is rarely a cost-effective solution, nor is replacing all components with moving parts at once. This is like taking the old car to a mechanic and asking them to replace everything even if everything hasn’t failed yet.

However, if we are already on the site and assume that the snap-ins are on the verge of failing, we will offer options for changing or recreating that component and allowing the customer to decide. Typically, this is only the cost of the component and the added labor fees are zero or minimum.

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Proper Sprinkler Repair

When it comes time to water the grass or your garden, there’s nothing worse than a broken sprinkler hood. But don’t worry! Our team is well informed about today’s best sprinkler systems.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians know how to use today’s best sprinkler systems. In fact, we can handle sprinkler control boxes, sprinkler heads, valves, nozzles, damaged cables and much more. We’ll make the whole system operational as quickly as possible.

At Westminster Sprinkler System Repair, we specialize in sprinkler repair. With years of expertise in the industry, we retain an A+ rating from our customers and prides ourselves on repairing more than 1,000+ sprinklers. We are a fully licensed irrigator ready to offer you a solution for all Westminster sprinkler repair needs.

Need Westminster sprinkler repair? Is your sprinkler cap broken? Is water gushing out of your lawn? Are you having trouble with your sprinkler? No worries, Westminster Sprinkler System Repair will rescue you!

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