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We strongly recommend an annual set up for your Westminster sprinkler system. Many people turn off their systems during the winter months and it is common for components to malfunction, no speeding heads, blockage and the rapid appearance of any damage or defective parts during your irrigation settings.

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If you’re a new customer and you don’t have a sprinkler set up with zone locations, uptime, and seasonal adjustments, we’ll offer you one.

If you would like to do a cost analysis for your irrigation program, please let us know in advance. Once your system is set up precisely, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to collect the data needed to create a report for your system.

If we discover that repairs and parts are required during adjustment, we will provide you with a detailed offer explaining the issues and the recommended action path for you to review.

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Our Westminster Sprinkler Setup Includes

  • Checking the backflow device for leakage and stagnant water in the valve box.
  • Making sure that the clipping valve is not caught in the event of a mainline cut.
  • Testing whether the main valve is closed as it should be.
  • Leaking control on main lines and sidelines.
  • Making sure that all zones are opened and closed correctly.
  • Raising the heads that are no longer above the grass line.
  • Lowering the heads that are at risk due to lawnmowers.
  • Replacing the missing valve box covers.
  • Checking all spray breasts for correct patterns and alignment.
  • Changing heads or nozzles as needed.
  • Adjusting the rotors and rotators for the appropriate arc, alignment, and shot.
  • Checking low pressure and extremely high pressure.
  • Checking for stagnant water in visible valve boxes to verify that the valves are waterproof.
  • Making sure the heads don’t throw water (this is an indication that a valve is not sitting in its place).
  • Checking that the rain sensor is working properly.
  • Replacing the controller backup battery, if it is beyond its lifetime.
  • Finally, Verify that the controller is programmed with appropriate setup.

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