Sprinkler Winterization Services

Underground sprinkler systems can freeze and pipes can explode and cause expensive repairs if the water is not properly drained and thrown out.

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Why Choosing Us For Blowing Out Your Sprinkler System Winterization?

We all felt the calmness of Westminster’s winter months. But do you know, when it comes to cold, underground Sprinkler Systems can freeze to crack pipes and make expensive repairs? Without proper sprinkler wintering, including the irrigation boom, you may face high bills and headaches next spring.

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Westminster Best Sprinkler Winterization

Keep your Sprinkler Systems running with our sprinkler winterization service. We provide fast and comprehensive services to prepare your sprinkler system for the impending cold!
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The Best Time To Winterize Sprinklers

We recommend that homeowners living in Colorado, where winters are freezing and stormy, the appropriate time winterizing sprinklers is in the middle of autumn. We begin planning our irrigation aberrations in September. We recommend that customers place their request times in late August, so you could be ready before the snowy weather arrives in September. The sooner you apply to our program, the better chance you get the best time to turn off your system.


A few suggestions to protect your system until winter

  • Close the water supply and empty the exposed pipes
  • Wrap any exposed pipe/backflow with any blanket.
  • If you do not have any open pipes, there is no concern for freezing damage.
  • As a last resort, you can make the morning work when the system is the coldest. Moving water is more difficult to freeze. The concern here is to prevent icy conditions, so your system won’t get affected.
A little preventive care can save you money and headaches on the road. With our professional sprinkler wintering services and sprinkler blow out services, we can clean the water safely and properly and prepare your system for a long, cold winter. We have been proudly serving Westminster for years with affordable sprinkler system repairs, installations, and winterization.


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